Thursday, January 28, 2021


We Are The Real Deal is an educational blog universe instructing today’s youths on body image, healthy coping, nutrition and self-esteem via empowering content authored by professionals from arts, wellness, nutrition, yoga and psychology.

WATRD’s mission is to empower girls and women by providing a “safe” space to learn about healthy body image, finding the voice, stress management and to promote media literacy.  The site is a program of the mentalfitness, inc. national nonprofit.


We are united on a single cause.

Cultivating self-esteem, positive body image and healthy coping.


We don’t agree on all issues, but we respect each others perspective.

We speak our personal truth, and we want to listen to you.

This is the only path to change.

Time to utilize our influence.

And watch the viral spread.

Our opinions drive change.

Live it.


The Commitment.

A commitment to work together towards self acceptance and positive body image… a new norm in this society.

We hope to provoke an immediate change in your thinking, and help you develop a keen awareness of how often negative body image thoughts impact your daily life.

We hope to promote and inspire self-care through arts and mindfulness.


Are you ready for the real deal?

The Real Deal Pledge

The REAL DEAL site is a program of mentalfitness, inc.


To help us, please consider making a donation today.

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