Saturday, November 28, 2020

I did naked yoga.

This post is from guest blogger, YumYucky

Oh, yes. I really did it. But I kept my bottom half covered. So that means I went topless. Now allow me to explain.

Naked Yoga has been alive in the States since the 1960s. It might sound gross, bizarre and maybe a little perverted, but according to a recent MSNBC article, it’s proving to be a budding trend with naked classes popping up – whether informally in someone’s home or in a studio – in big cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston. Classes can be men only, women only, or co-ed, and some studios admit that their classes are designed to appeal to gay males and may include partner posing. The article states that males tend to favor the practice of naked yoga more than women.

Gay or straight is your own preference – I’m not here to judge that, but I can’t imagine myself doing anything naked in a public setting, let alone on display with a nude partner. So I did half-naked Yoga while alone in my bedroom. Some admit that public classes can become sexually charged, but many instructors stand firm that it’s all about fitness.


I didn’t intend to. As I changed out of my nighttime t-shirt to throw on some fitness gear, I thought, “Eh, what the hell. I do it half-naked instead.” So I did a flowly Yoga routine set to some spa-like, new age music that’s so relaxing. And yes, I did this top-naked routine in front of a full length mirror.

It was great not feeling constricted and squeezed in the upper boobies region from a sports bra. I literally let it all hang out. There was nothing gross or sexual about it. I was doing Yoga, same as any other day.


Today was my first session of top-naked Yoga and there will definitely be more. In just one day of this taboo exercise in front of the mirror, I saw my body in a different light. Because I was topless and completely uncovered from the torso on up, I was able to see the full strength that came from each pose, whether it be in my arms, shoulders, torso, or pecs (chest) region. I normally complain about my less than perky 37-year-old boobs, and I always whine about my midsection, but today while doing half-nude Yoga, I valued every naked part of my body as beautiful.

During this 40-minute session, my so-called body flaws became invisible. Instead, I saw muscles where I thought there was barely any definition. I also noticed a budding transformation taking shape in my troubled zones from all those previous weeks of exercise commitment. I did not see myself as fatty or skin-stretched or flawed in any way. There was only beauty and strength.

Isis Phoenix is a Yoga teacher from New York. In a 2008 UK article on naked Yoga, Phoenix gave her take on naked Yoga and body image: “It’s about loving your body from every shape, size and pose,” said Phoenix. “We’re removing shame from the body.

What’s your take on naked Yoga? Would you try it in the privacy of your home?



14 Responses to “I did naked yoga.”
  1. sIM'One says:

    I do everything naked in my home. I remove my clothes the moment I walk in the door.

  2. Lori says:

    The only time I’ve ever been on my hands and knees naked in a room full of people was when I was giving birth. I have no desire to repeat the experience unless I’m getting a baby at the end.

    However, if somebody likes it, more power to them.

  3. mamaV says:

    This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode “bad nude” 😉

    BTW, I thought this image demonstrated the reality of nude yoga particularly well, sorry but I have no desire to be looking at anyone’s rear end in that close of proximity of you know what I mean….

  4. Jules says:

    It’s great that you tried (semi)naked yoga. The human body is a marvelous thing and should be appreciated for what it is. I personally haven’t tried naked yoga, but I am nude whenever I can be. I also regularly frequent a clothing-optional beach where I find myself nude among a wide range of bodies, male, female, large, small, young, old… There is something very refreshing about letting the skin breathe and swimming in the ocean unrestricted.

    I used to be very body shy to the point where I wouldn’t even expose my navel. I was also extremely embarrased with my skinny body, flat chest and protruting bones. My husband was the one to encourage me to feel comfortable in my own skin and introduced me to the nude world, and I now feel very differently about myself.

    It’s just amazing how much variety there is among us that we just can’t see when the body is hidden behind clothing. I no longer feel bad about the way I look, nor do I feel bad about the changes that are happening to my body as I age because everybody is beautiful in their own way, and if I can see that beauty in others, I can see it in myself.

    • Yum Yucky says:

      I love this. And that’s what it’s all about. I used to laugh at the nude beach-goers as ridiculous, but what for? That was close-minded. I may try totally nude Yoga in the near future, but I have no interest in going to a studio. It’ll be at home. 🙂

      • Jules says:

        Personally, I now feel that my body is an extension of who I am, whereas before, it was something I felt I was trapped in and needed to hide away. There is nothing like the feeling of being comfortable in one’s own skin.

        Being nude is a liberating experience, especially when you are among other people who are also nude because nudists are some of the most non-judgemental people you will ever come across. I hope someday you will be open to try it. It’s a life changing experience. In the meantime, I hope you will continue to enjoy your body in the privacy of your home.

  5. All I can think of are the poor buggers in the back row. What a view!

    Naked yoga at home on your own, fair enough. I tend to do my yoga in my undies anyway, at least when the weather is warm. But in a class… I prefer to keep the gear on and my bits private.

  6. 1Noelle says:

    I teach yoga and I cannot imagine teaching a naked yoga class. I will applaud those that can and do and for the students that take it but talk about pushing all my self conscious fears, anxieties and body image issues front and center! My practice would become toxic!

    I have no issue with being in a bikini but moving in the poses and positions in yoga with people surrounding me without coverage is way more open and sharing than I care to do!

  7. AitchCS says:

    No I wouldn’t do it in a class. And I need to wear a bra for any type of exercise so I topless is out for me even at home!

  8. Steve says:

    I did it and loved it. You can do the poses much easier and more flexibility being nude. After awhile you forget your nude as you get into the practice. Loved it!

  9. swetha tiwari says:

    yes its very intresting, i did it in co-ed and feel free to learn

  10. Nude are good at give head for thought I font givantle

  11. Porky says:

    I blew a wet fart when doing the happy baby position!

  12. I love naked yoga and I think everybody should try it and fell the benefits from it.
    Namasté Elke

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