Sunday, March 7, 2021

Our Style


Our core beliefs are as follows;

1) Give the world a chance

With so much BS out there in the media, we thought we could use a “universe” that houses information that is the real deal about body image, eating disorders and wellness.  Your best bet is to come here with an open mind. Expect to see comments you agree with, and others that send you off the deep end. When this happens, breathe, and then fire off your response. You can be straightforward in your disagreement — but please stop short of closing your mind to the perspective of others. If you can accomplish this, you really, really will learn something here — and who knows, you may even end up feeling better about yourself and your body image in the process.

Bottomline: Challenge yourself.

2) We don’t “rank” feelings

If you are compelled to “rank” your feelings/experiences against the feelings/experience of another individual (ie “but I am obese and you are thin, so you can’t possibly understand anything about my body image issues), please censor yourself.  This line of thinking is not productive, it comes off as self serving whining, and this ultimately gets us nowhere. We are in this together right??!

Be prepared to listen to the experiences of others, and genuinely try to understand what they are expressing in regards their feelings and you are likely to learn something about yourself. And, we will venture to guess that you will find that we are all more alike than we think.

Bottomline: Try,try, try your absolute best not to start building the totem pole of feelings by firing up a ranking frenzy.


The Management

We reserve the right to change, edit, revise, or delete any or all of this statement as the wind blows. Call us hypocrites, call us wafflers (to that we say what-eva). This is a work in progress, we don't have it all figured out, and that is why we need positive, well-meaning women to be part of this community. Lend your voice today!



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