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Robyn Hussa Farrell (Editor)

ROBYN HUSSA FARRELL, MFA, E-RYT (Author/Editor of #RealDeal — Founder & CEO, Mental Fitness and Resiliency Technologies) is an award-winning New York producer, performer, educator and author who has been teaching movement and yoga techniques since 1993.

She is also Founder and CEO of Mental Fitness — the national nonprofit organization that connects resiliency and prevention programs to schools… and that owns the #RealDeal blog site.

Prior to her work with Mental Fitness, Hussa was co-Founder and Executive Director of the New York theatre company, Transport Group, winner of the prestigious Drama Desk award for its breadth of vision and challenging productions.

In the early 2000’s, after many friends in the entertainment industry were struggling from many mental health issues, Hussa felt compelled to seek out and research various primary prevention programs in behavioral health in an effort to connect more K-12 schools to the life-saving tools.  To achieve this goal, Hussa created the Mental Fitness nonprofit and — in 2007 — began developing NOURISH recovery yoga while working for inpatient, partial-hospitalization and outpatient eating disorders treatment centers.  Since then, she has designed workshops for schools as well as for those who are in recovery from addictions and eating disorders.  In 2009, Hussa was asked by the National Eating Disorders Association to write a guidebook for safely leading her workshops in yoga studios around the country.  In 2012, she began teaching licensed professionals and registered yoga instructors how to safely lead Recovery Yoga workshops.  Finally the system is now available online.robyn sunrise down dog

As a writer, Hussa is Author/Editor of the following:

Hussa’s work in schools has been done in collaboration with Ph.D. researchers in epidemiology, prevention, behavioral health and medicine and has resulted in several exciting collaborations and publications. More details about her research and outcomes can be found in Mental Fitness’s 2015 Annual Report and on their website.

For her work creating Mental Fitness, its programs and initiatives, Robyn has been asked to sit on national task forces, to be Keynote and Invited presenter at more than 100 medical, educational and arts conferences nationwide and has received the 2014 Peace Award from Converse College Westgate Family Therapy and the 2010 Champion in Women’s Health award from former Wisconsin First Lady, Ms. Sue Ann Thompson.

To assist in safely deploying and measuring more prevention content, in 2014, Hussa and her husband Tim Farrell launched Resiliency Technologies. In 2015, the company became a South Carolina Research Authority client companyand collaborates with leading researchers and institutions across the nation.

Robyn holds an MFA-Acting from the University of Virginia, is a member of AEA, AFTRA/SAG, the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED), The International Association for Eating Disorders Professionals (IAEDP), and is an E-RYT Certified Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. She and her husband, Tim Farrell recently moved to South Carolina to deploy mental health technology and to make an impact through arts / prevention programs.

Learn more about NOURISH Recovery Yoga, here.

Read Robyn’s posts, here

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