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The mentalfitness nonprofit organization offers #RealDeal as one of its many programs to educate kids, individuals, families, educators and clinicians about healthy body image and self-acceptance.  Our nonprofit was created in 2006 (originally called NORMAL In Schools) to educate about eating disorders, body image and self-esteem through arts and mindfulness programs.

mentalfitness, inc. nonprofit Founder, Robyn Hussa, met WATRD Founder, Mama V, in 2006 and since then, they have collaborated on many-a-project.  In 2011, MamaV and Hussa merged forces to offer this fabulouso universe!  Hussa took what MamaV had created and added artists, body image experts, eating disorder specialists, nutritionists, psychologists, poets, dancers, therapists, martial artists, etc., to share unified voices of empowerment and healthy stress management skills from an array of perspectives.



This is one crazy grass roots effort that almost never came to be.

It all started with frustration.*

Mama V was sick of talk, talk, talking on my blog about body image issues. After blogging for over 3 years on the same topic, you’ve said it all, done it all, seen it all. I wanted action or I wanted out.

So, she put together a panel for BlogHer dedicated to Body Image…read full story. The goal was to pull together body image activists from all different perspectives and philosophies -weight loss bloggers, fat acceptance leaders, fitness manics, and the eating disordered;

Carla, the phenomenal-non-stop-energy-enthusiasm-fitness-freak of a blogger MizFit

Claire Mysko, author, speaker, and expert on self esteem and body image issues facing girls and women.

Veronica “Roni” Noone, a mom who tells of her journey from fat to skinny to healthy on Roni’s Weigh.

Kate Harding, the Queen of the Fat-o-Sphere, author of “Lessons from the Fat-o-Sphere.”

We officially launched this blog on July 24, 2009, but ran beta tests two days prior, leaking out the URL to our personal blog communities, which landed us #1 on WordPress Growing Blogs.  The response from the body image activist community was overwhelming – we were right on.

We then learned of the amazing NORMAL nonprofit that shares this mission in schools — and does it through awesome arts and mindfulness programs.  So — in 2011– we joined forces and we are growing!  It is awesome!

*A blog created over a long weekend with minimal sleep,  several kids jumping on top of me, a husband keeping the lattes flowing, and a great team of simply, fabulous women.


Keep it real,

Heather Blessington (Founder of WATRD) and Robyn Hussa (Founder of mentalfitness, inc., Editor of #RealDeal)

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