Thursday, January 21, 2021

Katie Couric’s bulimia announcement

Hollywood’s obsession with fad diets, weight loss and health foods can be seen across all mediums of pop culture, from TV shows to the cinema box office to teen magazines. However, Katie Couric’s bulimia announcement during her college years this past week shows that this problem often begins much before the rise to fame or stardom.

Through a revealing interview, Couric and singer and actress Demi Lovato (who has also publicly admitted her own struggle with eating disorders) unveil their personal trials and how they overcame them.

After the show  on the web-extra Katie Couric and Dr. Cynthia Bulik discussed more of the science behind eating disorders that helps us see that these biological brain illnesses need re-nourishment. They talked about the different types of treatment including Family Based Therapy (FBT). See the video here I am so happy Dr. Bulik was able to share that people can fully recover!

Couric’s recovery shows that even in the spotlight you can live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. You can read the full article about Couric’s announcement.

For all the families impacted by eating disorders this makes me so happy to see this attention to these deadly illnesses. It used to be that the families were blamed for causing eating disorders and many have and still do think that people choose to have them. I believe that families need to be included in treatment and caregivers deserve information, support and guidance while caring for a loved one in recovery. I hope this information helps. When I find the full video I’ll share it here. If you find it please email me or post on my facebook page Hope Network, LLC. 

To a life without eating disorders – Becky Henry


2 Responses to “Katie Couric’s bulimia announcement”
  1. Emelina says:

    This past week or two I’ve been hearing about more and more celebrities coming out with their stories of struggling with eating disorders. I think it’s amazing that they’re talking about it. The more people talk about eating disorders and recovery, the less stigma there will be associated with eating disorders. It’s really inspiring to hear from artists, actors, singers and celebrities and to know that they recovered from an eating disorder, that they recovered from a very challenging, life-consuming disorder and are able to continue with their lives in great and fulfilling ways. More celebrities have been coming out about having other disorders, like bipolar and depression, and it’s inspiring to know that they don’t let their disorders define them.

    • Becky Henry says:

      Thanks for your thoughts Emelina! This is indeed my hope, that the more we talk about eating disorders and recovery, the less stigma there will be. I’ve heard some folks lament that celebs talking about eating disorders can make it look, “glamorous” but I agree with you that it brings these life-consuming illnesses into the light so that people will no longer feel shame and deny themselves the needed treatment. Becky

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