Sunday, March 7, 2021

Troy Roness

Troy Roness is a 25 year-old male exercise/ED survivor and advocate originally from North Dakota.

He is honored to serve as the Inaugural United States Male Representative for the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Junior Board, the Inaugural United States Male Advisory Board Member and Facilitator for the global eating disorders organization, Mentor-connect, Project Director for NORMAL in Schools, and former Advisory Board Member for the National Association of Males with Eating Disorders (NAMED).

He currently loves writing for PBS’ “This Emotional Life,” the Huffington Post and participating nationally in documentaries, TV/radio/journal interviews, PSA’s, webinars and with news stations on the topics of exercise addiction/eating disorders, recovery, self-esteem, and healthy body image.

It wasn’t until he was nearly twenty years of age that he realized his exercise habits and eating patterns had completely taken control of his life. Following a guest appearance on the ‘Dr. Phil Show’ in January 2009, he entered a residential eating disorder facility for an 81-day treatment regimen. After his return home, he realized that he hadn’t conquered all of the inner demons that had subconsciously robbed him of life; eventually pulling him farther down than he had ever been before. After admitting his struggles were still alive and well, he re-entered himself into treatment; ironically for another 81 days. This time, he tackled his fears, inner demons and distorted views. He then grasped hold of recovery, a strong faith, his health, and ultimately, his life. He believes each day is a gift from God, who not only gave him a second chance at life, but a third; and he fully intends on using past experiences to motivate and support others who are dealing with similar self-struggles.

In reflecting on his recovery and as an educator and graduate student, his priority is to promote and provide the safest & most healthy learning environment for youth and their families. By bringing this “taboo” and “underground” issue to the surface; he believe it will ultimately save thousands of lives.

His personal struggle has been a difficult journey, but one worth taking. He’s come to believe that there is something powerful about saying, “I finally shared my secret.” He realized it was no longer his to keep. It had now involved and affected everyone close to him. When his exercise and eating habits had taken over every aspect of his life; it didn’t end his life to share my insecurities and shame- it began his “journey back.” He would encourage everyone to discover what it truly means to feel good again – just as you are.

Troy has been blessed with opportunities to speak to thousands of people in North Dakota and reach millions of people across the United States and world. He loves when he can reach out in many ways, speaking on behalf of males and spreading the message that recovery is possible.

Attending Minot State University in Minot, ND, he graduated (with honors) with a B.S.E. in Health/Physical Education and Minor in Athletic Coaching in 2008. Presently, he is pursuing his masters degree (M.Ed. C/S) in Education and Cognitive Science from Minot State University, as well.

In his free time, Troy enjoys music, sports, spending time with family/friends and being outdoors reflecting on God’s amazing work.

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