Monday, March 1, 2021

Something More Than Fish

Graciously re-posted courtesy of As you know, I’m not perfect. Rather, I’m the real deal! I am the dietitian with the picky kids. My children definitely give me much practice about what I preach. And then, thank goodness, there are other times. I continue on this long journey of exposing my children to foods […]

Finding Your Sanctuary

Recently, my family and I were fortunate enough to discover The Wild Animal Sanctuary, a place in Colorado in which animals (carnivores like lions, tigers, and bears…oh my!) are rescued, often from misinformed people who attempt to keep such animals as pets. The animals are taken to an amazing facility of over 700 acres, in […]

Moms, Daughters & Cookies

August 12, 2009 by  
Filed under Moms & Sisters

Growing up in my house, we ate wholesome, balanced meals. We never talked calories or nutrition, but we ate pretty healthily for the most part.

My mom wasn’t one of those moms who wouldn’t allow cookies in the house; a cookie was a treat, not something we had every day or abused. So if we had a cookie or two for dessert, it was a special night.

She never told me I couldn’t have one. But if I reached for a third or fourth cookie, she’d usually ask me gently, “Lissa, do you need that cookie?”

Nine times out of ten, I didn’t. I’d sometimes feel a little bit of shame, but only because I knew deep down she was right.

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