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Do these look like Plus-Sized Models to you?

January 27, 2018 by  
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Hey #RealDeal tribe. This post was originally published on Jan 27, 2012.  We are bringing it back to ask the question … HAS ANYTHING CHANGED?  Take a look…   The average American woman is a size 14. Average size model is a size 0. Average “plus” sized model is sized 8-14. Check out the latest […]

Media Literacy Minute: Condescending Clairol

Do women need to change regularly to keep their man “guessing” and interested? Apparently, Clairol’s Nice ‘N Easy brand thinks so. In a thirty second spot that airs across multiple platforms, including cable and web, the viewer is in need of a change, regularly. (See the spot here.) The guy in the add tells us […]

Neutralizing Your Response to Your Body

     There are thousands of messages in the world that tell us that we are not perfect enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough. Most of these messages originate with the media. The media has been shaping our cultural norms for decades. The media preys on our humanness, our desire to fit in, our desire […]

Thou Shalt Feel Inadequate

Madison Avenue is a very powerful aggression against private consciousness. A demand that you yield your private consciousness to public manipulation. —Marshall McLuhan One primary engine of the modern world is the selling of things, services and ideas. Enormous problems arise for us when we fail to recognize the insidiousness of the advertisements/messages that are […]

Media Literacy

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Click Link Here to Watch Video Dove real body campaign Your Media Literacy is key to understanding the ways in which media media messages teach you what to think about yourself and others. So many of us would like to think that media does not have a significant impact on our thoughts and behavior but it […]

Great Start Seventeen! Next I’d like to see someone who looks like me on the cover!

Some wonderful steps have been taken over the past few weeks to address the impact of airbrushed images of women’s bodies in teen magazine. Although I am sure many WATRD readers are already in the know about this victory I will just do a Cliffs Notes summary. 14-year-old Julia Bluhm presented Seventeen Magazine with a […]

Why pinterest may be bad for your health…

Pinterest, like many new pop-culture social portals, has been tarnished by our weight-obsessed-sexualized-objectifying-of-females culture. Initially intended to be a sort of online scrapbook, Pinterest allows users to “pin” ideas, items, recipes and inspirations found on the internet on to a virtual cork-board. It is a way to pin your interests, hence “Pinterest.” When it first […]

The “thin ideal” of beauty is culturally bound- find the artist that shows YOU are the beauty ideal!

The arts have always reflected the culture of the day in which they were created, this is something that we’ve all been taught in our k-12 educations, and if we are lucky in an art survey class somewhere along the way in our higher education careers. One thing that may take a little more mental […]

Vogue has gone too far!

In the April issue of Vogue magazine there’s an article written by a young girl’s mother, Dara Lynn Weiss, who forces her daughter, Bea to submit to a lifestyle that is restrictive, rigid, punitive and humiliating in the pursuit of weight-loss. There are many articles, bloggers, and Facebook postings that chastised Dara-Lynn. I have to admit, I had a […]

You Don’t Have to Fit into Clothes: Clothes Have to Fit You

April 2, 2012 by  
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In this episode of True Beauty Podcast, Judy and Anne-Sophie talk about one of the trickiest issues for women: clothes. 007 True Beauty “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” ~Judy Garland So often, we try to be someone else, try to look, talk and act like […]

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