Monday, March 1, 2021

Love Yourself and Make Your Summer Sizzle

Summer breezes, swimming on hot days, and steamy nights provide the perfect backdrop for a self love makeover.  Enacting some of the principles of Spiritual Dating can make it happen!  Spiritual Dating can take an unsatisfying romantic life and turn into a fulfilling, sensual, and emotionally safe celebration of love in all it’s forms. Here […]


As part of the weekly Wednesday posting of my ongoing YouTube series “Body Empowerment,” here’s “Gratitude (Body Empowerment 15)” originally posted December 31, 2008, on by Caroline Rothstein. Check it out! About BODY EMPOWERMENT: Founded in 2008, “Body Empowerment” is hosted and produced by NYC-based writer, performer, and eating disorder recovery advocate Caroline Rothstein. In an effort […]

5 Ways to Empower Women to Love Their Bodies

This guest post graciously submitted by Heather. Open any magazine or turn to any TV channel and you’re sure to see the “perfect” woman. She is tall and leggy, has long, cascading blonde hair and bright blue eyes, the perfect pouty lips, and curves in all the right places. She is an impossible ideal. And […]

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