Sunday, March 7, 2021

Marsha Hudnall

Marsha Hudnall, RD, MS, is owner and vice president of programming and communications at Green Mountain at Fox Run, a women’s retreat in Vermont that was founded almost 40 years ago to help women stop dieting, reach their natural healthy weights, and feel good about themselves regardless of their size.

Marsha’s mission at Green Mountain has been to help women learn to enjoy food and eating, while successfully managing their weight and health.  This is an area she is personally as well as professionally versed in; Marsha successfully overcame an eating disorder she struggled with for most of her 20s and became a nutritionist in part to help herself.

An accomplished writer, Marsha has produced a body of work that reflects her desire to help people move away from restrictive notions of food and health, and thereby more easily achieve a healthful intake. She has produced curricula, pamphlets and other materials to educate the public about enjoyable, healthy eating. She is the author of What You Need To Know About Carbohydrates (Chronimed), Vitamins, Minerals and Food Supplements (Chronimed), The Pregnancy Cookbook (Berkeley Publishing), and more than a hundred articles in popular magazines, newsletters and professional journals. She co-authored Disordered Eating in Active and Sedentary Individuals, an online course for Human Kinetics publisher.   Marsha also frequently speaks to both professionals and the public about health, healthy eating and weight.

A thought leader when it comes to managing eating, emotions and weight, Marsha serves on the board of directors for the Binge Eating Disorder Association. She has been extensively involved in the The Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics (Academy): She  currently is a member of the practice groups Dietitians in Functional Medicine; Food & Culinary Professionals; Behavioral Health Nutrition; and Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutritionists. She also served in a variety of leadership roles with the Academy: She chaired the publications and marketing committees and the practice group Dietitians in Business and Communications, and served a delegate for Consultation and Business Practice, Council on Professional Issues as well as president of the Vermont affiliate of the Academy.

You can find Marsha most reliably on Twitter @MarshaHudnall and read more of her writing on Green Mountain’s blog A Weight Lifted.  You can also follow Green Mountain at Fox Run @GreenMtnFoxRun & stay up to date on Green Mountain on Facebook.

Read Marsha’s posts, here.

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