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bell hooks cares about black girls

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bell hooks#RealDeal repost of this 2014 gem…

I was so delighted to hear bell hooks say that she would not have a daughter of hers watch 12 years a slave because of the imagery during a 3 part lecture series with The New School. Lately, I resist watching movies and television shows that simply remind me of how the world views the black female body and I wonder if I am doing a disservice by not continuing to decode the message for others. The transition from my content analysis thesis to an in depth interview of real narratives that provided the content for my dissertation has created a constant tension. Tension between the self that used to love blockbuster films to the self that understands the ways in which those same films that entertain also create and cover up disdain for certain bodies. Ironically, during The New School series, bell hooks was interviewed and juxtapositions the Kidnapped Nigerian girls to American Black girls. You can click here to listen because bell hooks cares about black girls Some people were upset but I understood, except the media are our captors of our minds that are entrenched with such negative imagery that we don’t need anyone else to hurt us because we do that on our own, if not to ourselves, to one another. Please support that will help all girls understand, resist and create new images, real images, based on their lives. This will take some time of course but more than bell hooks will have to care and put resources toward such a project. If that’s you, please make a donation and note that you care for black girls too when submitting.

Dr. Mensah

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