Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Is Energy Work the Solution?

I have not written anything in a while and this will be very brief. Many of us have full lives, taking on many roles in society and never slow down, unless we are forced to. That happened to me on May 30th 2015 due to a car accident. I was not at fault and was left with a bent and twisted spine, pelvis and concussion among other things. A year, I was awarded tenure and unfortunately; currently on my second medical leave due to this accident. Although my body was traumatized, so too was my mind in terms of memory, confusion etc., to quote my neurologist, my “entire brain shook violently”.

As time has past, I realize that I grieved the loss of my mind terribly but nothing for the pain in my body. In fact, I was denial about the severity of my injuries; convinced that my layers of fat prevented me from being hurt “too” bad. I was completely wrong and now wonder if I was angry at my fat for not protecting me. Holistic Medicine is helping to get back in touch with my physical body in a healthier way. I wanted to share an assignment my occupational therapist gave me. I am to find a labyrinth to walk along and meditate on and be fully mindful of my feet the whole time.


Being treated with grace, mercy and respect, whether during or after painful and traumatic experiences are human rights.

To end, I believe that Holistic and Energy therapies have been effective for me because there is little to no contact with body and mine was in a great deal of pain. Equally as painful is my perception of how my “fat, African American women of slave descent) body” was treated at times. It seemed out of the ordinary to say the least, even moments after I was hit and at times, cruel. I am not sure if holistic methods and energy work is the solution for everyone. However, I am convinced that there is still a lot of work to do in terms of the ways in which marginalized individuals are treated in all situations, and particularly when dealing with trauma.


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