Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Our Interview with Matthew Moy of the TV Show “Two Broke Girls”

Please tell us about yourself and what you do?
My name is Matthew Moy and I’m an actor.
Can you tell us a bit about any upcoming projects or events that you are working on?
Currently I work on a show on CBS called 2 Broke Girls. I also play the voice of Lars on Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe.
Do you find the pressures of working in your industry significant with regard to feeling the need to have a “perfect” body?  If so, how do you navigate through that terrain?  How do you “not” judge yourself when others (critics, audience members, producers, etc.) “judge” you based on outward measures?
No, I don’t let those pressures bother me.  None of our bodies are perfect. We’re all perfectly imperfect.  I think what is more critical and powerful as an actor is knowing yourself in and out, what you can bring to the table, and what you can accept about yourself.  For example, I’m 5’1″, and I never beat myself up on being “short.”  It’s just a trait about myself, and I know that there will be some great roles in the future for a role that calls for someone like that, and there are many that I won’t be right for.
If someone else does judge me, I listen to them, briefly reflect on it later, and then let the comment go.  I think “judging” yourself though and wallowing in it can be very dangerous.  Let “judgements” and “preconceptions” go.  I  never allow myself to end my day “stressed out.” You always have to remember you’re the only person in control of your life and life choices.  At the end of the day, YOU have to choose what’s best to make YOU happy.
To follow up with that question, how do you deal with bullying or people talking negative about you? Can you give any examples of bullying in your personal life and how you handled it?
If someone is bullying me, the first thing I do is talk to someone else close to me that I trust. Usually my parents, but that’s just me.  I think it’s so important to share it with somebody and not carry the burden of “trying to figure out everything on your own.” Trust me, life is much better and easier when shared with others.  Anyway, I rehash the story of what happened with them and try to understand what the situation was. My advice is to ALWAYS stay calm.  Stay calm and just get out of the bullying situation as quickly and calmly as possible.  I usually try to crack a joke to lighten the mood so that everyone feels a bit of levity. Bullies are very insecure individuals who are just unhappy with themselves, in my opinion.
What made you want to get involved with Mental Fitness, Inc. and what it is about the mission of Mental Fitness that speaks to you?
I just love the idea of Mental Fitness.  It’s like a practical gym for the mind. You can use the things that Mental Fitness teaches you to navigate through life and your emotions, but in a very practical, applicable way.  That’s so important, especially for our youth.  I wish I had it as a guide growing up.  My family is very conservative and even though I am more open with them now, it was hard to talk about these things when I was younger.  Mental Fitness provides that guidance.
Who were the role models in your life?
I’ve always looked up to people who inspire me and teach me to be better.  That would include my parents, my best friend, and my very first acting teacher.
What do you define as beautiful?
That’s so hard. You can’t define beauty.  That’s the thing.  Beauty means something different to every person.  I believe life is beautiful.  Art and music are beautiful. Animals are beautiful.  But another person might think mathematics is beautiful or spiders are beautiful.  Personally, I can’t stand math or spiders!
How do you define inner beauty? 
I define inner beauty in a much more practical manner.  I call it “knowing yourself in and out.”  Knowing yourself so well that you know all your strengths and weaknesses, and therefore you have the ability to make make confident life choices. I think that’s beautiful.
What is happiness?
I find happiness in many things. Fulfilling my dreams and desires.  Making my family happy. Living life stress-free everyday.  Everyone’s notion of happiness is different.
Would you be willing to take the Real Deal pledge?  Thoughts about that? 
Yes! I’m in. 🙂
How do you manage your stress levels in daily life?  Do you use music / art / dance, etc. as a coping tool?  Are there other things that you do to live mindfully?
This is interesting! I’ve thought about this much more this year. This year, I actually decorated my dressing room with very meditative things to help me relax (so I don’t feel like I’m at work). I play calm meditation music on Pandora, set the lights low, light a candle, and all of that physically helps me relax!  It’s so cool. Anytime you can surround yourself with calming things, do it!  I also take art classes sometimes, and I noticed that my more seasoned peers never get frustrated when they make a mistake.  They just move forward and move on.  My art teacher says it this way—“he doesn’t drive in or drive to avoid traffic. He drives THROUGH traffic.”  I try to remember that!
How do you find a work-life balance — as a man, relationships, a professional — what are keys to balance?
I balance my work and my personal life by simply trying to be the best person I can be everyday.  That way, I never have regrets. And, if I’m getting stressed out, it means I am spreading myself too thin and need to take a step back from something.
If you can go back and talk to your younger self, what would you tell yourself and what would you tell others reading now?
I would say to my younger self, “Relax. Take care of yourself, and take care of each other. And learn. That’s all you need to do.”
My name is Matthew Moy. I’m an actor on 2 Broke Girls, and you can find me on Twitter and Instagram as @TheMoyWonder.

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