Monday, March 1, 2021

Media Illuminates

media education, injustice, justice, human race, lives matter too, Cait Jenner’s show seems to be a big success in that she is bringing light to a subject matter that can save lives. The Black Lives movement seem to being doing the same thing in that it is shinning a light on the continued abused toward people of color by those in power over them. However, these type of injustices are not new. In fact, while the media can be a place of misrepresentation, it can simultaneously be a place of illumination.

The injustices being illuminated today are the people who have been on the margins before the poor walked the earth, always. Simply put, if you do not fit the mythical norm, loosely identified as rich, white, christian, intelligent, heterosexual, able bodied, then you are on the margins of society. And the further are away from any of these identity markers the more complicated and illuminated your life experiences can be.

Mental Fitness is Teaching youth to be resilient because even if you fit the so-called mythical norm perfectly, you will still face challenges and prejudice (pre-judgements) by others in life. Mental Fitness, I pray will become Global to reach more children so we can learn to respect all life and stop stepping on those outside of the norm just because we can. What one must realize is the those that are the bullies in life, are also hurting because “hurt people, hurt people”.

I suggest that instead of saying that Black Lives Matter that we say….
Black Lives Matter Too
White Lives Matter Too
Bi-Racial Lives Matter Too
Human Race Lives Matter Too
The Plants Life Matter’s Too
Women’s Lives Matter Too
Men’s Lives Matter Too
Transgendered Lives Matter Too
Gay Lives Matter Too
Lesbian Lives Matter Too
Questioning Lives Matter Too
Rich Lives Matter Too
Children Lives Matter Too
Elderly Lives Matter Too
Animal’s Lives Matter Too

The point I am making here is that if you are a human being or need air, water, food to live and sustain you, then your needs are just as important as anyone else’s needs TOO!

Dr. Mensah

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