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Socially Constructed

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I know how to be "me"

Socially Constructed Media Expert

The late Stuart Hall explained how race is a “floating signifier” which means that it travels across time and space and is dependent upon the historical, geographical, political and cultural landscape that it rests itself upon.

In this time, space and location; I still ponder on bell hooks and her lesson to me as a large black women and how I must intimately understand the interconnectedness of race, class and gender intellectually in order to know what I struggle against and to my thesis I added the embodiment of weight to this understanding, particularly because media emphasizes weight.

As I have attempted to resist stereotypes and be my authentic self and decolonize my mind; the more I realize that while the mind can be decolonized, the world and the particular circumstances surrounding my institution or your world as any one person may find him or herself in; people that are around you may not be like-minded.

As such, I have an advantage of having a Ph.D in Communication and Media Studies which might be the highest degree of having the ability to create a socially constructed mediated self which seems to be the hardest thing to do, although it could be an easy task.

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