Thursday, February 25, 2021

Media Literacy Minute: Condescending Clairol

Couple Holding HandsDo women need to change regularly to keep their man “guessing” and interested? Apparently, Clairol’s Nice ‘N Easy brand thinks so. In a thirty second spot that airs across multiple platforms, including cable and web, the viewer is in need of a change, regularly. (See the spot here.) The guy in the add tells us us how his lady never gets boring. She mixes it up and keeps it fresh after all these years. By changing her hair color.

Let’s dissect the ad and try to get into the mind of the ad execs who created it. They want to target women in committed long term relationships or marriages, heterosexual. It seems they want to make the viewer feel worried or concerned to create a need for their product. Like, “Oh! I better not get too boring for my man.” Conveniently, they are hoping to provide the viewer with an easy solution to her problem. Just buy hair their color.

It’s important that we look at media with a discerning eye. So much of it is endeavoring to manipulate our emotions into buying something. We need to cut through the messaging and look with clarity at what we see, hear, and read.

Dig deep and empower yourself today.In this ad, we could notice the tactics employed and counter them in our own minds by realizing that a secure woman in a healthy long term relationship doesn’t have to keep her man guessing with superficial things like changing her hair color all the time. Instead, she can be herself and let her sparkling mind and loving heart naturally be the irresistible magnet her man can’t resist.

From a posture of self love, when we see an ad like this we can stop and notice if it made us feel like we aren’t good enough and remember it is a creation of someone who doesn’t know us or care about us but sees us as a dollar sign.

Do not let your emotions be manipulated by the media. Stand in a strong stance of self love and be confident in who you are and the life you are creating.

Here is the ad so you can build your media literacy skills:

What do you think or feel when you watch it? Share it with the community in the comments!

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