Sunday, February 28, 2021

How to Deal with Holiday Food Pushers & Have Fun!

photo 4The holidays can be a whirlwind of calories and obligations pulling at you from every corner.

To counteract all that chaos do the following three things:

1) Make a list of what honestly sounds fun for YOU during the holidays.  That could be anything from trimming your own tree solo with a glass of wine to Lady Gaga or a dress-up New Year’s Eve with your best buds.  Commit to making these things a priority.  Period.  Other things must be put aside.  When you do this you send yourself the message that you are important, you count.  That knowledge carries forth through your life making you more confident in your body actually inspiring better physical health.

2) Take a page from a yogi’s script when an annoying relative pushes fruitcake in your face and say, ‘No thanks, Aunt Hilda, I really appreciate the offer but that doesn’t feel right to my stomach.’  When you say something doesn’t feel right, no one can argue with it and it’s rude to ask you to do something that doesn’t feel right.  If they persist, repeat the same phrase.

photo 33) Remember that most people are coming from a good place. They want to share their bounty with you and offer caring or nurturance in the form of food. So, you can acknowledge that by saying how much you appreciate them and even listing the ways. Shower your family and friends with kindness and watch things transform. You can be conscious and live from a place of compassion, even when you are emotionally triggered.

Choose self-love today and everyday!

Self-acceptance is pure power.

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