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The False Self

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If the false self is created through communication with other and comparing ourselves to them or mediated images. How then do we know how to get to the real self?

I recently attended a seminar by Adrienne Ressler, LMSQ, CEDS, Fiaedp titled The False Self and learned the ways in which we program ourselves everyday. We have created false selves through comparing ourselves with friends, listening to the comments of parent’s and engaging with our favorite magazines, televisions shows or even listening to musical lyrics.

De-programing or decolonizing our minds will take the help of professionals that work with eating disordered patients everyday that can see the cognitive constructs that have become our false self.

As such, in order to help others see their authentic selves it is essential to continue to educate all populations about body image and eating disorders without discriminating based on prejudicial narratives, socio-economic class, ethnicity, race, religion, region, nationality, sexual orientation or the like.

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