Saturday, January 23, 2021

Step Away From The Scale!


Step away from the scale! Yes, you! Back away from the scale! And here’s why…

1. The number on the scale does not tell you the whole story. The number on the
scale is a blind number. It does not differentiate between bone, muscle, water,
skin, fat, or how much you have eaten (or had to drink) that day. For example,
muscle mass is lean mass, yet weighs more than body fat does…and this muscle
mass certainly does not mean that you are fat!

2. Your weight fluctuates from day to day. It is normal for weight to fluctuate
within a couple of pounds from day to day (up one day, down the next, up the day
after that, down the next, etc). This fluid fluctuation is not actual weight
gain! Your weight fluctuates after you eat, after you drink, after you work out,
during your menstrual cycle (obviously, only if you are a female), and can also
fluctuate from certain medications. Don’t let these day to day fluctuations work
you into a tizzy!

3. The number on the scale does not define you! You are so much more than a
number. Seriously! Do not forget about all of the things that you have to
offer the world! Are you compassionate, generous, humorous, talented, strong,
adventurous, or brave? Don’t let the fixation with the number on the scale cloud
all of the things that make you, you! Others like you for your personality…not
your weight!

Now, get off the scale, quite fixating on your weight, and live your life!

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