Monday, March 1, 2021

Meditation and Stress-Management Through Ancient Painting Techniques

I recently learned of a style of painting called suiboku-ga or Sumi-e that originated with Zen monks — the artform itself is a meditative practice.  What better stress-management tool could there be?  It employs art, yogic teachings, meditation and mindfulness.

With gratitude to a yogi that I have followed for about 8 years named Leza Lowitz who works with a suiboku-ga artist named Akiko Tanimoto to paint yoga postures using these meditative techniques.

Here, Akiko’s instructor offers a 6 minute video to learn how to paint this way yourself, which I highly recommend watching.  The act of watching the video is incredibly meditative as well!

Inspired by the work of Ms. Lowitz and Ms. Tanimoto, I combined their artistry into the following:

image (on left) by Akiko Tanimoto

image property of Akiko Tanimoto

Other images for you to enjoy by Sumi-e artist Kazu Shimura:

Flickr Sumi-e Kazu Shimura

Flickr Sumi-e Kazu Shimura


Flickr Sumi-e Kazu Shimura

Flickr Sumi-e Kazu Shimura

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