Monday, March 1, 2021

Healthy Eating at College: A Cheat Sheet

College…it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  With full apologies to Dickens, I write this tongue-in-cheek because my college days were indeed wonderful times.  But when it came to feeding myself, I was one of the crowd — figuring out how to eat well in the face of a chaotic schedule that involved classes, work, a tight budget, and of course, fun!

Top that off with my diet mentality — which I have long recovered from — and I had a recipe for eating and weight struggles.

From my conversations with college women of today, I know that picture hasn’t changed a lot for many.  And while workload and money issues might affect even more of us today, the diet mentality definitely does.  Many young women in particular have grown up worrying about how what they eat affects their body size.  One big result is that we don’t know how to eat anymore.

We Are The Real Deal has good information on intuitive eating, which imo is the foundation for eating well.  Here’s how we talk about mindful eating (aka intuitive eating) at Green Mountain.  Building on that foundation, our cheat sheet for eating well at college gives a brief overview of how to make eating well actually happen.  Click on the link to get the full story but here are the high points for quick review.

  • Eat every 3-5 hours most of the time.
  • Eat balanced.  Think the plate model, even if you’re not eating on a plate.
  • Don’t sleep through breakfast.  Eat it within an hour or so, regardless of what time you wake.
  • Stock your mini-fridge, fridge or pantry.
  • Quick scan your choices.
  • Make the best of your options.
  • Shake up your take-out.
  • Eat well on weekends, too.

Here’s to happy, healthy eating and having great fun at college.  Oh, and be sure to study, too!

You can read more on our website and our blog A Weight Lifted about how make healthy eating something you want to do.


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