Monday, March 1, 2021

Increase Self-Esteem for Eating Disorder Recovery: Five Tips

Here are five tips that can help you begin to build your self-esteem. Give them a try and see if, with practice, they bring positive changes to your outlook and behavior.

If you have an eating disorder you may not realize that your self-esteem is low.  You believe that how you feel about yourself is based on your unchangeable personality.  You may criticize yourself harshly without knowing that you are being harsh. Both your low self-esteem and your self-critical ways seem normal and to you and based 0n reality.

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  1. Build self esteem: Listen to yourself. Pay attention to your feelings. A good way to do it is to journal and READ your journal.
  2. Build self esteem: If you have a conflict between work and people you love, often choose the people you love.
  3. Build  self esteem: Know that you will not always be consistent, logical or unselfish. Accept your humanity and continue to grow.
  4. Build self esteem: Give yourself an adult name that generates respect from yourself and others.
  5. Build Self Esteem: Catch yourself being good, competent, generous or saying “no” when you mean it. Praise yourself and smile. 🙂

Let me know what happens when you try these self-esteem builders.

  1. Which ones are easy for you?
  2. Which are particularly challenging?
  3. Which surprise you because you didn’t think they had anything to do with self-esteem?

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Joanna Poppink, MFT
Los Angeles psychotherapist, speaker, author
author: Healing Your Hungry Heart 08/11 Conari Press

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