Monday, March 1, 2021

5 Steps to Improve Your Body Image!

This guest post graciously submitted by Bridget Loves

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Do you ever wonder how you can improve your body image?   It can seem like a daunting task.  It’s so much easier to pick yourself apart and compare yourself to others in your quest to have a “better body” or “the perfect body”.  Media’s messages and our diet obsessed culture make it even harder to accept ourselves and realize we can learn to appreciate our bodies and be proud of all they can accomplish.  We are groomed to believe there is a final destination:  a certain weight, the perfect diet, the right boyfriend that will make our lives better.  But once we get “there” we typically find more work and a new “goal”.

So today I invite you to take a few small steps today and enjoy where you are.  Even if you just try one of these I promise you it is worthwhile!  Each time we practice exercises like these we get closer to slowing down and making some real progress.  And before you know it you might just improve your body image!

Five tips for better body image:

1.  Pick out an outfit you feel comfortable in that also LOOKS good to YOU.  This can be getting “dolled up” in a dress and heels.  Or it can be wearing your new Bears Sweats (I love mine) with a funky t-shirt.  The goal is to make sure you feel comfortable AND like your outfit.  Do this when you don’t “have” to wear something specific (i.e. a day off or dinner with a good friend).

2.  The next time you say/think something negative about a part of your body say or think “CANCEL” right after that.  Then pick out THREE positive things.  I say these things out loud because it helps me to acknowledge it and refocus.

3.  Throw out one item of clothing that doesn’t fit properly.  You know there is one in your closet.  Go find it and get rid of it.  A few weeks ago I finally tossed a fancy sports bra that was uber expensive.  I was hanging onto it due to it’s price tag, even though every time I wore it I was uncomfortable working out!  *You can also donate the item or sell on ebay or at a local resale shop

4.  Exercise.  Using your body to exercise is a great way to “reconnect” with it and really appreciate all it can do for you.  Often times we are disconnected from the bodies that do so many great things for us.  When you are doing an exercise you enjoy identify three things that your body is doing and how great that is!  Today I played tennis and I noticed I have strong biceps, good core strength and power in my legs.  And I appreciate these things!  *Choose an exercise/activity/sport you enjoy doing for fun

5.  Take a bath or hot shower and use a nice lotion or bubble bath.  This helps you connect with the “skin you are in” and pamper yourself a bit.  We are always rushing- so take some extra time.  Even five minutes can be super relaxing.  If you don’t have a nice body wash or bubble bath, shop for a new one.  It doesn’t have to be pricey.  I got a bubble bath at Ralph’s grocery store a few weeks ago that was $3.00 and is AMAZING.  It is made with milk and honey!  And if you don’t have a bath- try a long hot shower.  It’s just as lovely!

For more tips and tricks check back soon!  If you have some that work for you please email me!

Finally Free,

Bridget Loves


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