Monday, October 24, 2016

On the Olympics & Body Diversity

This Guest Post graciously submitted by Virginia Sole-Smith  I know, I know, the Olympics ended Sunday (with that weird Spice Girls reunion/closing ceremony). But I was at the beach last week, so these are some late musings. Every four years there is always a lot of talk about how Olympic athletes aren’t like us regular folk, particularly […]

Precocious Puberty: A Risk Factor For Eating Disorders

It is important to consider the psychological effects of early puberty.

A Teen’s Instructions to Parents

Thanks to MEDA’s recent newsletter, I was led to a blog post on the Children’s Hospital Boston Pediatric Health site. It was written by a teenager who has healed from an eating disorder and wanted to share what she wished her parents had known about EDs. For this young woman “It was never about weight” […]

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