Thursday, January 21, 2021

This Year’s Goal: Learn To Love Your Body

Graciously re-posted courtesy of, It’s a brand new year. Typically, we start January with ambitious new year’s resolutions that we may or may not have real success with. This year I ask you to step out of the traditional box and resolve to forgo the gimmicky “I will’s.” Instead, I urge you to join […]

How to love your body. No Seriously!!

I see many different lists of how to love your body and improve body image. These lists are often filled with beautiful affirmations and postivity however for many people struggling with negative body image or deep insecurities with their body, affirmations are not enough. I created a simple list of ways to start to challenge […]

Jenni Schaefer Genuinely Loves How She Looks. Do you?

I had to re-post this Huffington gem written by the brilliant Jenni Schaefer whom I so adore.  In her article, she courageously does the one thing that so many of us have struggled (or will struggle?) a lifetime to do.  Whether we have struggled from an eating disorder or serious illness or not, Jenni Schaefer […]

Dear Body, You Rock!

Harmless “accessory” or painful torture device…

If you have ever worn spanx you will know the torturous nature that a regular trip to the loo during a busy day can become. It takes you a good five minutes of wriggling and doing “the twist” to get them in place again before you head back out into your day. You check yourself […]

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