Thursday, January 28, 2021

Releasing Emotion Can Set You FREE!

Is it just me, or does it seem as if violence in our country has reached a pace at which it is the ONLY topic of news these days?  I must admit that I am almost frightened to leave my house some days, in anticipation of being a victim myself.  What’s almost MORE scary to […]

Do You Believe in Coincidences … or Miracles?

I met Doris Smeltzer a few years ago because she had suffered a terrible tragedy — she lost her daughter to an eating disorder — and I was interviewing her to help create educational films for the NORMAL nonprofit.  I decided to share the below 12 minute clip because the power of Doris’s story is […]

LIKE THE WATER. film. paying tribute to those we lost: a greater gift for those who remain.

This guest post graciously submitted by Caroline von Kuhn Last year an actor friend of mine approached me to write and direct a film with her. We gave each other one month to find the story we wanted to explore, knowing only we would write it together and shoot it in her hometown in Maine. […]

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