Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Be Your Own Valentine: Accept Yourself, No Exceptions

Be Your Own Valentine: Accept Yourself, No Exceptions Once upon a time, in a land far far away, when I was a boy-crazy, school girl, Valentine’s Day seemed like a very harmless “holiday”. Valentine’s Day meant a day of classroom parties, funny little valentines, and lots of sweet treats. I remember Valentine’s Day being full […]

Dear Teenage Girls, You’re Asking the Wrong Question (But It’s Not Your Fault)

This guest post graciously re-posted from Virginia Sole-Smith‘s blog.  Time Magazine tells me there is a new and disturbing trend du jour: Teen girls posting YouTube videos in order to let the Interwebs decide the 2012 version of that age-old burning question: Hot or not? A quick survey of YouTube does indeed pull up dozens of videos […]

Cruel Days Cruel Days…

…Dear old golden rule days.  How many of you remember that song? If some of you are experiencing a Dr. Deah ja Vu, you are correct.  You have read this before.  Every once in a while I re-post a blog that I believe, even a year later, still has great significance.  In addition, because my […]

Understanding Mother-Daughter Relationships, For Young Women and Their Moms

This guest post graciously submitted by Ashley Kervabon. It would be a lie to say that my mom and I have always been on good terms. Actually, it would be an even bigger lie to say that we’re on good terms right now. But even so, I will say this: my mom is the best […]

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