Monday, January 25, 2021

Moment of the Day (The Lover’s Diet)

108 Ways to Livin the Moment: Let’s take back our lives one beautiful, funny, and delicious moment at a time! #2 of 108:   Believe in Yourself (let’s just try it today and see how it goes) “This place is a dream only a sleeper considers it real then death comes like dawn and you […]

Do You Believe in Coincidences … or Miracles?

I met Doris Smeltzer a few years ago because she had suffered a terrible tragedy — she lost her daughter to an eating disorder — and I was interviewing her to help create educational films for the NORMAL nonprofit.  I decided to share the below 12 minute clip because the power of Doris’s story is […]

How Drug Rehab Can Help You

This guest post graciously submitted by Marilyn Kegley How Drug Rehab Can Help You There are so many challenges that addicts face when trying to break the chains of addiction, but drug rehab treatment is there to help. Each program in rehabilitation treatment is different in order to accommodate different needs and preferences. There are […]

Inspirational Quote

This guest post is from Love 2 Eat in PA, originally posted 6/30/2010

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