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Happy 20th Anniversary! Twenty Years.  TWENTY Years.  Two Decades.  A Score.  An infamous date in the life of Sgt. Pepper and his band. The amount of time I lived before College Graduation.  (Your math is fine, I graduated early).  The amount of time my son has been alive. For those of us who are parents, […]

Status Quo(tes)

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“Recovering from my family vacation.” “If I could remember your name I’d ask you where I left my car keys.” “Could you speak up? My son’s a bassist!” Before there were Facebook status updates there were T-shirt status updates.  I was and still am a big fan of these tees.  They provide just enough information […]


About a year ago, when invited to cross post my blog, Dr. Deah’s Tasty Morsels, on several websites, I was asked to write a letter of introduction.  Since then, it has been humbling to receive so many positive comments about the blog and watch my readership continue to grow. When I was invited to blog […]

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