Monday, January 18, 2021

A Love Letter to My Daughter

Dearest. As I fed you at 4 o’clock this morning I admired your beautiful face: the curve of your check, the peacefulness of your gently closed perfect eyelids with their fan of lashes, the ski slope curve of your up-turned nose. You are everything you need to be. You are beautiful, not because society says […]

Low-Fat Love 101: Raising Preteen Girls

In the battles we wage over accepting or resisting low-fat love in our lives, the greatest battle is with ourselves. When we develop a strong and positive sense of self we are less likely to settle in our relationships with romantic partners, friends, coworkers and others. When we feel good about ourselves we are less […]

Mother May I?

Perhaps it is a coincidence, perhaps it is because I called my mother, Ma, but the first two letters of the month reminds me that MAy brings us Mother’s Day.  Despite the fact that some folks tout this as a shameless commercial “Hallmark” opportunity for selling cards and gifts, others experience it as a more […]

Moms, Daughters & Cookies

August 12, 2009 by  
Filed under Moms & Sisters

Growing up in my house, we ate wholesome, balanced meals. We never talked calories or nutrition, but we ate pretty healthily for the most part.

My mom wasn’t one of those moms who wouldn’t allow cookies in the house; a cookie was a treat, not something we had every day or abused. So if we had a cookie or two for dessert, it was a special night.

She never told me I couldn’t have one. But if I reached for a third or fourth cookie, she’d usually ask me gently, “Lissa, do you need that cookie?”

Nine times out of ten, I didn’t. I’d sometimes feel a little bit of shame, but only because I knew deep down she was right.

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