Thursday, January 21, 2021

Australia and eating disorders research

Hope Network Founder, Becky Henry is back to blogging and shares her experiences from eating disorders conference in Australia. What do Australia and eating disorders research have to do with an anniversary trip.  Plenty it turns out. Read below and find out…for in the name of sanity, time and that ever elusive “life-balance” I’m always […]

Aging and Eating Disorders

Our society’s obsession with looking and staying young has exploded, but unfortunately there is no elixir of everlasting youth to stop our clocks from ticking. The result of this youth-crazed culture is poor self-esteem and body-esteem for aging women. Cindy Bulik, Director of the eating disorder program at University of Carolina, was recently featured on […]

Women over 50 and body image

This was a post from January of this year but I’m revisiting it here after seeing Cindy Bulik’s wonderful piece on CBS about aging women and eating disorders.  After watching so many of my friends over 50 have issues with their bodies I’m very happy to see this getting some attention. Given that I am […]

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