Friday, July 20, 2018

Creating a Context for ED/Body Image Activism

March 5, 2012 by  
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Dear Eating Disorder Activists, I am about to say something that may upset you.  Eating Disorder Activism is just a baby.  It is so very new.  It is something that does not yet have much history, much background, or much context.  Why would I come on to an eating disorder blog and post this?  Because […]

Body Image Activism

January 21, 2010 by  
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WeAreTheRealDeal is a community of body image activists, collectively dedicated to providing a forum for all women to discuss body image issues.  Our contributors are dieters, former disordered eaters, fat acceptance advocates, health at every size experts, and everything in between. Mission About History Some Basic Facts About the Media’s Influence in Our Lives: • […]

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