Saturday, July 4, 2020

What’s in a Name? Mindful Eating vs Intuitive Eating vs Competent Eating

Is there a real difference between mindful eating, intuitive eating or any other name internally-regulated eating goes by these days?  It’s an important question in a time when so many people are trying to recover from decades of diet thinking that led them to disordered eating, to the real detriment of their health and happiness. […]

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Fear Talking To A Counselor!

This Real Deal Guest Post graciously submitted from Casey Wheeler. There are two main reasons people of all ages fear counseling; they are afraid to share their personal thoughts and feelings, and they are afraid of the changes that may come from therapy. But for every reason why you should fear counseling, there is a […]

What do you say?

Updated and graciously re-posted from Gürze Publications:  Katie, a blog reader, wrote me with some excellent questions. She asked in part, “… When you see an obviously anorexic young woman at the market, do you say anything? How do you feel about this? The feeling I get is helplessness.” These are thought provoking queries and […]

Use Your Voice to End Political Bullying of Women

Yesterday The New York Times printed that Republicans approved platform language calling for a constitutional amendment outlawing abortion with no explicit exceptions for cases of rape or incest. What does this mean for women? According to Republicans: Our lives are not valued, our voices not respected, our choices are not our own.  It also means […]

Great Discovery When you Stop People Pleasing

In eating disorder recovery you discover your authentic beliefs and values.  This quote then becomes more relevant as you make your way to healing and health. When people pleasing gets you down you are ready to drop an eating disorder symptom you may have lived with your entire life. You discover, perhaps while looking over […]

Eating Disorders Tools for the Dog Days of Summer

How can parents respond to the defensiveness of an eating disorder? We are in the midst of summer now, constantly barraged with advertisements showing airbrushed and photoshopped models in barely-there bikinis—images that can be severely destructive to a person’s self-esteem. Even the most self-confident person can be affected by these images. For those with eating […]

A Letter to My Teenage Self

This guest post graciously submitted by Ashley Kervabon. To my dearest younger self, I want you to look in the mirror and tell me what you see. Not-so-clear skin, not-so-straight teeth, curves in all of the wrong places and let’s not forget those (only) B cups. Your eyes are pretty, color-changing in the sun, but […]

You Are Better Than This

This guest post graciously submitted by Ashley Kervabon.  My childhood was not terrible, in plain English. I do not have any memories of being unhappy as a child therefore I cannot provide you with a sappy novella about how my parents abandoned me or how I ran away because they did not treat me right […]

What Three Words Would You Send to Lift Someone’s Spirit?

I found this on my sister’s Facebook page today and had to share it because it is so inspiring and beautiful. She is a super-star, dedicated teacher and human being (obviously) and she came up with this idea to help a friend. Feel free to share in this random act of kindness. OK friends, it’s […]

10 Phrases That Every Child Needs to Hear

This guest post graciously submitted by Laura Dessauer, Creativity Queen What would happen if…your child embodied these 10 phrases? Imagine the difference it would make in your child’s life. I call these the 10 commitments, the words your child needs to hear from you: You are lovable: No matter what, you are lovable. You do […]

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