Thursday, March 4, 2021

Adrienne Trier-Bieniek

Number 1Adrienne Trier-Bieniek earned a PhD in sociology from Western Michigan University and has an M.S. in sociology and a graduate certificate women’s studies from Virginia Tech.  With this background in gender and culture, Dr. Trier-Bieniek has spent the last decade studying gender inequality, violence against women, body image, beauty and the ways women are presented in pop culture. This research is manifested in the book Sing Us a Song, Piano Woman: Female Fans and the Music of Tori Amos, to be released in June of 2013 by Scarecrow press.  Sing Us a Song, Piano Woman looks at the ways women have used music a means of self-healing and emotional support, particularly with healing from sexual/physical abuse, eating disorders or dysfunctional relationships with family members.  The book was the product of her doctoral dissertation which combined holistic healing and studies of emotions with the sociology of gender and culture.  Dr. Trier-Bieniek has a strong belief in the multi-faceted aspects of healing, that it must be a mind, body and spirit combination, and that music has the power to connect these components.  Her research has been featured in the journals Qualitative Research and Humanity & Society as well as in the book The Art of Social Critique. She has spoken about music and healing as well as violence against women while a guest on PWR Talk Radio and has been a guest columnist for The Orlando Sentinel.  Dr. Trier-Bieniek is the co-editor, along with Patricia Leavy, for the forthcoming book Gender and Pop Culture: A Text-Reader as well as the editor of the forthcoming book Feminist Theory and Pop Culture, each to be released from Sense Publishers.

Prior to graduate school, Dr. Trier-Bieniek worked at the Grand Valley State University Women’s Center where she was the coordinator for volunteers as well as a campus organization which raised awareness about sexual assault. She has participated in The Vagina Monologues and organized V-Day events, volunteered for The Girl Scouts and done service learning projects with at risk teenagers. Additionally, she runs the Facebook page Pop Culture Feminism which is dedicated to challenging the ways media presents bodies, gender and images of women and men in society.  She is a faculty member in sociology at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida where she lives with her husband and dogs and enjoys frequent trips to Disney World and the ocean.  Dr. Trier-Bieniek can be found at

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