Friday, April 3, 2020

Low-Fat Love 101: Always Bet on Yourself

I have loved writing since I was a child so I feel very fortunate to make my living as an author. This doesn’t mean that there haven’t been, and won’t continue to be, many rejections along the way. I have learned some things from those experiences that may be of value to others pursuing a […]

Low-Fat Love 101: Cultivating Your Identity

Last month my blog offered advice on how parents can help their daughters develop a positive sense of self. My first piece of advice centered in the importance of cultivating independent interests and skills, such as activities in the arts. This advice came from a personal place as my daughter Madeline (12 years old) has […]

Low-Fat Love 101: Raising Preteen Girls

In the battles we wage over accepting or resisting low-fat love in our lives, the greatest battle is with ourselves. When we develop a strong and positive sense of self we are less likely to settle in our relationships with romantic partners, friends, coworkers and others. When we feel good about ourselves we are less […]

Low-Fat Love 101: Diet Relationships

Welcome to Low-Fat Love 101, a new monthly blog about relationships, self-esteem and body image. I use the term” low-fat love” broadly to talk about self-esteem and how sometimes we settle for less than we want and pretend it is better than it is. For me, low-fat love is about trying to fake ourselves out, […]

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