Saturday, November 28, 2020

Rejuvenation, Relaxation, Reconnection, RETREAT

“The myth is, when you focus on yourself you are being selfish. The reality is, if you don’t know your true self and cultivate an ongoing relationship with her, you can’t truly be with or give to anyone else.” – Jennifer Louden, The Woman’s Retreat Book I attended my first retreat about 15 years ago, […]

Ribbon Cutting Time — How Sex Shapes Our Body Image and Self-Esteem

There’s an epidemic going on, of young women who hate their bodies, including those who starve themselves and cut themselves. I wonder about the connection between this and a girl’s first sexual experience. How does sex shape our body image and self-esteem? I’m quite sure there is a strong connection. I’m working with the parent […]

Lessons from the Garden … of Abundance!

As Editor of WATRD, I allowed this post because I have personally taken Maripat’s class and recommend it without reservation.  You’ll be amazed the number of elements that tie together your money and self-worth … Enjoy the ride!  Robyn Hussa Consider the dandelion. Reviled by many as an insistent, bothersome weed, it nevertheless continues to […]

Are You Photoshop-ing your life?

Your reaction to this film clip was probably similar to mine – rage and a feeling of disbelief that women are STILL being portrayed this way, and that things have gotten even worse. And again, if you’re like me, you immediately went into blame – blame of the advertising industry, the magazine editors and perhaps […]

Relationship with Yourself

Our relationships with other humans are incredibly vital to our happiness and well-being. In fact, they can make or break our world at times! But have you ever stopped to think about the various other relationships in your life, maybe those that are less conventional? Just as you strive to improve your relationships with your […]

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