Thursday, January 28, 2021

Everyday Health Insurance Challenges and What You Can Do To Overcome Them

Reposted from Eating Disorder Law Blog! Challenge # 1: Understanding your policy                                                                                                     […]

Extraordinary Measures to Pay for Eating Disorder Treatment

Re-posted from Kantor & Kantor Eating Disorder Law Blog: Annie Seal is a dedicated advocate to insurance reform and eating disorder recovery, although this hasn’t always been her calling.  Annie’s daughter recovered from an eating disorder, but not without a battle from their insurance company.  This is her story, and the story of countless […]

Weight Bias in the Workplace: CVS Employees Threatened to Reveal Weight or Pay Penalty

CVS Caremark’s new employee health policy requires participants to provide their weight, body fat, and glucose levels…or pay the penalty of $50 per month. This coercive strategy forces employees to pay a fee in order to maintain health-related privacy. The weight centered bias in this plan is clear. “Going forward, you’ll be expected not just […]

It’s 2013…But Eating Disorder Patients Continue to Fight For Coverage

This blog has been re-posted from the Kantor & Kantor Eating Disorder Law Blog: Securing insurance benefits for the treatment of an eating disorder can be an extensive battle. This battle often comes in the form of repeated denials, being told you can “be safely treated at a lower level of care,” appeals, and even […]

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