Sunday, September 15, 2019

Size Bullying IS Bullying, thank you Jennifer for fighting back!

If no one has ever criticized you for your weight, body shape or size you may not know that this was bullying. If you have never been yelled at by a bunch of teenage boys in a pickup truck as you were going for an evening walk, you may not realize this was bullying. If […]

All That Glitters is not Gold: placing value where it counts with regards to our female Olympians

The Olympic games are an opportunity for the best of the best athletes, competitors from around the world who have given their lives to sport, to proudly display the spoils of a life of discipline and striving for excellence. The women and men of the 2012 London Olympics have established and broken world records in […]

Great Start Seventeen! Next I’d like to see someone who looks like me on the cover!

Some wonderful steps have been taken over the past few weeks to address the impact of airbrushed images of women’s bodies in teen magazine. Although I am sure many WATRD readers are already in the know about this victory I will just do a Cliffs Notes summary. 14-year-old Julia Bluhm presented Seventeen Magazine with a […]

Why pinterest may be bad for your health…

Pinterest, like many new pop-culture social portals, has been tarnished by our weight-obsessed-sexualized-objectifying-of-females culture. Initially intended to be a sort of online scrapbook, Pinterest allows users to “pin” ideas, items, recipes and inspirations found on the internet on to a virtual cork-board. It is a way to pin your interests, hence “Pinterest.” When it first […]

Jessica, if you are listening… “Your body is perfect, just as Maxwell!”

As many know Jessica Simpson gave birth to her first child last week, Maxwell Drew Johnson. Baby Maxwell, whose name has drawn harsh criticism (as if anyone’s opinion matters but mommy and daddy), was born at a beautifully healthy and hearty 9 lbs. 13 oz. 21 ¾. Maxi would be considered a larger baby when […]

The “thin ideal” of beauty is culturally bound- find the artist that shows YOU are the beauty ideal!

The arts have always reflected the culture of the day in which they were created, this is something that we’ve all been taught in our k-12 educations, and if we are lucky in an art survey class somewhere along the way in our higher education careers. One thing that may take a little more mental […]

What is a normal curve anyway?

Statistics was almost my downfall in graduate school, however there was once concept that I was able to integrate into my general knowledge in a meaningful way: the normal curve. This normal curve represents the distribution of values, frequencies, or probabilities of a set of data. It slopes downward on either side of a highest […]

Eating Disorder Parity: What people don’t get about Binge Eating Disorder and the “war on obesity”

With the 2013 revision of the DSM right around the corner there will be a need to rethink, both at the professional and public level, how we conceive of the “war on obesity” and the way in which both health care providers and lay people talk about food and weight. As some of you may […]

Harmless “accessory” or painful torture device…

If you have ever worn spanx you will know the torturous nature that a regular trip to the loo during a busy day can become. It takes you a good five minutes of wriggling and doing “the twist” to get them in place again before you head back out into your day. You check yourself […]

What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.

I grew up in a religious home, attending church and youth group, Sunday school and bible study. This part of my childhood was very formative in my life for a number of reasons. Religion or spirituality plays a strong cultural component in identity development and learning for many individuals. One of the more interesting and […]

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