Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Staying Sane #RealDeal Style

With all that is happening around us politically, socially and environmentally, we need some serious strategies for staying sane, #RealDeal style.

Below is a Top 5 list … but we’d love you to add your additions in the comments.

In solidarity,

Robyn Hussa Farrell, Editor #RealDeal

Top 5 Pics for Staying Sane this Summer

#1.  Hannah Gadsby — Nannette

photo courtesy Netflix: Hannah Gadsby in “Nannette”

Hannah Gadsby has brilliantly crafted our catharsis through her wit and vulnerability in the brilliant “Nannette” — now streaming on Netflix.

Among the strengths of her work, it allows us to laugh, to cry and to think … all while learning about art history.  Hannah is all about authentic empowerment for anyone — and is especially keen on bursting the bubble of patriarchal ignorance.  This is a must-see and captures the #1 #RealDeal spot.

photo courtesy of Netflix — W. Kamau Bell in “Private School Negro”

#2. W. Kamau Bell — Private School Negro

It doesn’t get much more smart-talkin’ than with Kamau Bell’s “Private School Negro” on Netflix.  This guy is witty beyond words.  There’s an incredible story from the perspective of his daughters — growing up empowered through images of black women doctors.   Dude’s the #RealDeal in all ways and this is a must-see.

photo courtesy of Netflix — Ryan Hamilton

#3.  Ryan Hamilton – Happy Face

If you want to laugh so hard your stomach hurts, then take a peek at Ryan Hamilton’s “Happy Face” on Netflix.  Here at the #RealDeal, Ryan has it all: he is handsome, hilarious, informed and brilliant.  By the way … he is single.


bell hooks — The Will To Change

#4. bell hooks — The Will To Change

This book aligns evaluation of how patriarchal culture keeps individuals from knowing themselves.  For those who want to reclaim the best part of themselves… #RealDeal recommends embracing the will to change.






Caroline Fraser – Prairie Fires

#5.  Caroline Fraser – Prairie Fires

A slew of best selling authors are diving into the political scene this year and this Pulitzer Prize-winning book “spans nearly a century of epochal change,” covering the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder, providing a unique perspective on American history and resilience. “With fresh insights and new discoveries, ‘Prairie Fires’ reveals the complex woman whose classic stories grip us to this day.”

What else should we be seeing, watching or listening to?  Add to the comments below…

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