Sunday, February 28, 2021

Interview: Dion von Moltke and the Pursuit of Performance

Please tell us about yourself and what you do?

My name is Dion von Moltke, and I am a professional race car driver.  I am a big sport and fitness fanatic and love trying to improve myself as an athlete both physically and mentally. I also am big on the outdoors and spending time in nature, specifically when that’s back with my family in South Africa.

Can you tell us a bit about any upcoming projects that you are working on and how you got into racing?

It is currently a race week for me and I will be racing at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park just north of Toronto this weekend.  I race in the Tudor United Sports Car championship, which is the premier sports car championship in the U.S.

Do you find the pressures of being an athlete significant with regard to feeling the need to have a “perfect” body?  If so, how do you navigate through that terrain?  How do you “not” judge yourself when others (critics, audience members, producers, etc.) “Judge” you based on outward measures?

To be honest, I don’t care how my body looks.  I do everything I can to be fit because that can help me in the car, where the environment can be very rough.  Sometimes the cockpit temperatures are in excess of 150 degrees F. and we can pull anywhere from 2 – 4 G-forces in the corners and we can be in the car for up to three hours at time.  So being fit is very important, and sure it is very nice to have the body I do as a result, and I am proud of how I have been able to change it over recent years, but performance in the car is the only thing I care about and the reason I train.

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Who were the role models in your life?

My role models include my parents, many athletes such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, but the person I most looked up to throughout the years is Nelson Mandela.  What he was able to preserve through, and achieve in his lifetime is nothing short of heroic to me.

What is it about Mental Fitness, Inc. that connects with you?

I have always been interested in how mental fitness can help improve me as an athlete and a person, and the awareness that Mental Fitness Inc. is creating in the world is a great thing.  I believe that awareness can help kids and adults in all walks of life all over the world.

What do you define as beautiful?

For me beautiful is one of the most diverse words in the English language.  It can be used to describe physical and mental features in humans and animals, it can be used to describe an action, and it can be used to describe nature and art.  In people beautiful is a combination between physical traits, and a person’s mind.  To me one of the most beautiful traits is an enthusiasm for living and chasing one’s dreams.

How do you define inner beauty?

Inner beauty to me is someone who has a thirst for knowledge, and someone who loves life and all that comes with it.  Someone who has energy, who is passionate, and someone who sticks up for what they believe in and doesn’t let anyone change them into someone they are not.

What is happiness?

Happiness is knowing you did absolutely everything you could to achieve something, to know you gave everything you had to be successful and received support all the way from those you love.

Would you be willing to take the Real Deal pledge?  Thoughts about that?

Sure I’m in!

How do you manage your stress levels in daily life?  Do you use music / art / dance, etc. as a coping tool?  Are there other things that you do to live mindfully?

If I could actually dance I would use that to help cope!! To me unfortunately I am not artistic so that would only increase my stress levels. I use meditation to help me relax, I find occasionally just taking a step back and scanning my mind and body for any useless stress and removing that helps.  I also love a good workout to help reduce stress, the feeling after you finish an intense difficult workout is freeing.

How do you find a work-life balance — as a man, relationships, a professional — what are keys to balance? Other thoughts or reflections?

It is definitely not easy.  For a long time I tried to avoid relationships because I didn’t want any distractions from work.  Luckily I have found someone that enjoys the same things I do, so I can train in the gym and have her pushing hard right next to me.  It is important every once in a while to take a step back, breathe, enjoy life in a positive way to help get your mind back to the intensity level you need for continued success.

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Dion von Moltke is a professional race car driver for Flying Lizard Motorsport in the #35 PR Newswire / eSilicon Audi R8 LMS in the Tudor United Sports Car Championship.




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