Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Interview: “In Parallel” With Actress and Filmmaker Sarah Lynn Dawson

Please tell us about yourself and what you do?

I’m a British actress and filmmaker living in Los Angeles.

Can you tell us a bit about any upcoming projects or events that you are working on?

I have just finished writing a feature called ‘In Parallel’ which looks at two different Universes. This is based on the short film Duality which we just finished and which Deepak Chopra narrated. I am really excited about the feature as I have some great support in the Director/Producer Emad Asfoury and Producer Peymaneh M. Rothstein – both amazing people who I feel very fortunate to have met.

Do you find the pressures of working in your industry significant with regard to feeling the need to have a “perfect” body?  If so, how do you navigate through that terrain?  How do you “not” judge yourself when others (critics, audience members, producers, etc.) “judge” you based on outward measures?

Well I have good self esteem and I try and remember that there is always someone who would give anything to have what I have and that helps. I think it is important to be self-aware but in a healthy way – and I am grateful that I have the life and body I have.

What made you want to get involved with Mental Fitness, Inc.?

Jacob Burman reached out to me and he is such a genuine person I wanted to help him and the project in any way I could.

Who were the role models in your life?

Well there are a few. Firstly my grandparents. They were both artists and the strength in the stories they told about living through World War II really inspired me. My Grandfather was in the Navy and my Nanna the Land Girls and they lost many of their friends and family. I’m so grateful to all those that gave their lives in the war because they ensured our future.

Also my Mum who dealt with everything life threw at her with beauty and grace and my Dad who made me want to see the world and always pushed me to challenge myself.

Most recently Deepak Chopra has been a great influence and it was honor to work with him. Then there is Steve Jobs for his visionary brilliance and entrepreneur spirit. Anthony Robbins, who I think has helped many people and Russell Simmons who always has great advice. I also like writers like Emerson and Rumi.

What do you define as beautiful?

A kind heart, a warm smile and incandescent eyes. People who embody and emote the essence of life.

How do you define inner beauty?

The ability to love both yourself and others.

What is happiness?

Ha! Well that’s an interesting one to define… I guess that warm feeling I get which make me smile and feeling totally free.

Would you be willing to take the Real Deal pledge?  Thoughts about that?

Yes – it’s good to focus on the positives.

How do you manage your stress levels in daily life?  Do you use music / art / dance, etc. as a coping tool?  Are there other things that you do to live mindfully?

I mediate, focus on my breathing, get out in nature, talk to my friends, create, dance, hike, run, do yoga. Music is very helpful. I love Enigma and Deep Forest when I want to relax. Also the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls are very healing.

How do you find a work-life balance — as a woman, relationships, a professional — what are keys to balance?

I’m still working on that one!

Other thoughts /reflections?

I think it is important to listen to your intuition and let it guide you. You know what’s best for you.


Sarah was born in the Lake District, in England and she spent a large part of her childhood in Qatar, in the Middle East where her father worked.

Sarah studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York.

As an actress her most recent films include ‘Duality’ starring Jon Foo and Don Most.’Out of the Burning Blue’ a World War I action movie directed by Damien Lay and starring Chris Klein and Werner Daehn and the 1940’s Noir short film ‘Unsolved’, written and directed by Julia Camara.



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