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Our Recent Interview with Anne McDaniels

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About Myself/What I Do: Hello and thank you so much for inviting me to do this! Originally from the Midwest, graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Business Degree, worked for a Fortune 100 Company for a couple of years before modeling in NYC, and finally transferring to LA. I’m a full time freelancing model/actress and currently reside in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California. My obsessions are fast cars with loud engines, all flavors of mustard, music, sharks, wearing fabulous furs while inside vodka freezers, fashion photography, red lipstick, and large dogs breeds! Upcoming Projects: The entertainment business slows down during the summer, so I’m currently traveling all over the country as a spokes model for a high-end car at elite charity golf tournaments. I’m having a blast and networking with fabulous people on beautiful golf courses. Also, I just signed on as the Hollywood Correspondent for “Show Business Report,” and will start that next week. In addition, I’m consistently shooting for different clothing lines and am walking in several runway shows not to mention many more summer dance gigs until everything picks up again in the fall. Anne McDaniels, role model, positivism, inspiration, interview, fitness, happiness, wellness, Needing to Have the Perfect Body in Hollywood: Unfortunately the pressures are there and completely unavoidable if you’re of a certain type. It’s definitely there, people breaking into the business simply need to realize that, and it’s all part of the job. Since I’m also a model, it’s just something I have to always be aware of…otherwise I won’t work and stay busy. When I get irritated by it, I have to remind myself that I chose to do this business and to get over it. My philosophy is that I try to do something active every day and maintain a “clean” diet, as to avoid processed foods. Pressures: I was raised in a Russian Orthodox Christian family, and our religion requires lots of fasting and elimination of certain types of foods during the year. Coming from a strong, strict Eastern-European heritage immediately put one into a disciplined, structured type of environment, so I was already in somewhat familiar territory when dealing with pressures. I’m also a former NFL Cheerleader, and for that we were weighed in and body fats were taken weekly. In the beginning of the season, we were each given an allotted weight and bodyfat range to stay within, and had to be in the realm of a “female professional athlete.” On those dreaded “weigh-in” days, all of us could feel the tension in the air as we lined up to hit the scales and the infrared body fat instruments. This system watched for women going over or under, as to watch for any types of unhealthy habits on either side. Thus, both my family and the NFL were good training grounds before getting into the modeling and entertainment business. Define as Beautiful and Define Inner Beauty: I’m going to combine these 2 questions, since I think beauty is defined as INNER BEAUTY!!! In my business, I’m surrounded by beautiful people all the time, and that does not always translate to what’s inside, as we all know. I believe someone who is kind, authentic, grateful, giving, genuine, and confident in who they are the most beautiful person in the world. Happiness: This is not always easy to achieve, especially if you’re driven and always shooting for more, more, more and then some. For myself, I am truly happy when I stop and become grateful of everything I have, as well as helping others or giving back. During depressing times, I find ways to “get over myself and my own problems” and do something for someone else such as donating time, food, clothing, guidance, etc. How can you be miserable after you’ve done this, as it’s the greatest feeling on earth. I’m on a constant mission to try to be truly happy with myself and within my own skin. Managing Stress: I really enjoy easing stress with boxing workouts, which is my favorite form of exercise. (In my dream world, I would be an MMA Champion!). Otherwise, if stress means being completely overwhelmed with scheduling and “not enough time in the day,” which is an issue for everyone, I try to make lists of “bite-sized” tasks to execute one by one, so as to not get so overwhelmed. Perfectionism is always a stress in this business, and at the end of the day, you just have to be you and try your best…knowing that NO ONE is perfect. Role Models in My Life: My mother!! Speaking of inner beauty? That is Paula (Dzubay) McDaniels. I get tears in my eyes when I think about her. Growing up, my sister and I put her through the ringer, and she was a single parent doing it ALL on a teacher salary. Her strength, discipline, values, work ethic, kindness, etc., are literally unmeasurable in my book. Every hardship that came inter her path she conquered with no fear. I adore her and wish we lived closer, although when I visit she always looks at her watch and asks, “What time is your flight leaving again?” Hahaha!!! Balance: Ahhhh…does that word exist and is there such a thing? This is something I try to work on every day, as I’m FAR from achieving that. I travel for work all the time, and am usually by myself. If I don’t have friends or family in those exotic locations, I’ll still get out there and “Work Hard, Play Hard!” Otherwise, making time to spend with loved ones and friends? There is simply nothing better. Would I Take The Real Deal Pledge: 1000%!!! It’s already part of my DNA. 🙂 Other Thoughts/Reflections: I receive letters, messages, emails constantly from people who want to try to break into the entertainment business. Consistently, my honest answer is “Don’t do it.” Hahaha!! In all seriousness, though, if one wishes to go into it, please try to maintain your confidence, strength, integrity, morals, and values…your “Positive Mental Fitness.” Anne McDaniels, role model, positivism, inspiration, interview, fitness, happiness, wellness,                     Bio: Anne graduated from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Business with a double major in Marketing & International Business, in addition to two study abroad programs in France. Following graduation, she landed a great job with a Fortune 100 Company, which gave her solid business experience. During that time, she became an NFL Cheerleader for the Minnesota Vikings (yes, she’s from Green Bay Packer country!), and rediscovered her love of performing and working with charities. Landing a big modeling job in New York City, she resigned from a high-paying corporate job and relocated to Manhattan’s Soho District where she worked as a model and professional dancer for several years while taking acting classes. She has had the honor of gracing many magazine covers and booking campaigns from shoes and swimsuits to evening gowns and hair products. Her jobs have also taken her on international excursions, which are among her favorite. Although she claims she has “New York blood in her veins,” a feature film booking forced her to move to Los Angeles, and she currently lives and works in Hollywood. Two clocks in her kitchen portray LA time and NYC time, so she can consistently work on being bi-coastal. She loves the challenge of having to alter her personality in business and work on either coast. A casting director in LA once told her that she “sounded too much like a producer, and not like an actress.” Thus, when in LA keep it softer and go ahead and let it fly in New York!! Those are the types of challenges she loves, among tacking roles/gigs out of her comfort zone. Anne McDaniels, role model, positivism, inspiration, interview, fitness, happiness, wellness, Websites:

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