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Low-Fat Love 101: Pop Culture as a Gendered Landscape

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I haven’t posted a new blog for a couple of months because I have been finishing up a couple of book projects that have taken up my time. I hope to get back to monthly blog posts here but in the meantime I’d love to share what I have been working on, which in many ways is all about the concept of low-fat love.

I am so excited to share with you that my new co-edited book Gender & Pop Culture is now out. This has been an important project to me as a woman and as a mother. I have a thirteen year old daughter and I often worry about how she and her peers will develop positive senses of self while living in a world that seems stuck on fostering insecurities, especially in girls. Pop culture persistently associates females’ worth with their physicality, creates impossible standards and encourages girls to strive towards them or suffer the consequences. How are we supposed help girls and women reject low-fat love if they think that is all they deserve? What we desperately need is a new approach to media, and in the meantime, more media literacy so that people are better equipped to critically “read” the messages of popular culture. It is in this spirit that my co-editor and I put this book together. I was recently interviewed by a columnist at examiner.com about the book and I’d like to share that interview with you.


If you’re interested in this book my publisher is currently offering free shipping and a discount if you buy it directly from www.sensepublishers.com using promo code 24601.


One Response to “Low-Fat Love 101: Pop Culture as a Gendered Landscape”
  1. I agree that the images girls are faced with every day foster insecurity and a focus on the physical instead of their minds, their creativity, their innovative ideas. We all need to make it a point to provide supportive, positive messages for the girls and women in our lives. Thanks for your article!

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