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Why is an eating disorder so powerful?

Field of flowers, Arshan

What clues might you discover in the details?

You want to stop acting out your eating disorder, but your good intentions fall by the wayside and you find yourself bingeing or purging or restricting again. What is the power that governs your eating disorder behavior?  mystery. pix*

Give yourself reflection time and space. Let your life and history flow through your mind like a river.

Within this flow are clues Let’s look for eating disorder clues during this flood time of memory, wishes, disappointments, goals, sorrows, joys, resentments and optimism.

Please answer these first questions:

What people are coming to your mind? Whether it’s a lingering memory, a flash picture of a face or faces at an event, an expression write it down.

Now look again.  Are you seeing a past that you fear or that you miss and wish you had now?  Are you seeing a fantasy present you yearn for or dread and are glad you are safe?  Are you seeing a future you would like to make happen with those people or similar people?

Catch hold of the images of those people. They might be family, friends, past romantic interests, teachers, co-workers or fellow students, past or present clients.  They might even be figures from fiction.  Catch them all.

The people these images represent hold clues for your current situation.

Now, ask each one what they think of your weight.  Ask and discover how each appraises your looks, your style, your body shape. Ask each one their opinion, which may turn out to be a judgement, about how you eat and the form of your eating disorder.

Their answers are your clues to what may be powering your eating disorder urges and behaviors.

Can you separate out your opinion from theirs? Can you begin to free yourself from the power their opinion and judgement have on your psyche?

Joanna Poppink, MFT    Los Angeles psychotherapist, author of Healing Your Hungry Heart: recovering from your eating disorder.  http://www.eatingdisorderrecovery.com

For a free telephone consultation write joanna@poppink.com

pix*  Arshan resort. Tunkinsky district, Buryatia, Siberia

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