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Our Recent Interview With Actress Christina DeRosa

I am very excited to share my recent interview with award-winning actress Christina DeRosa. Read about her recent work, what motivates her, and how you can lend your support to our nonprofit! ~Robyn Hussa Farrell, Author / Editor #RealDeal, founder of mentalfitness, inc.

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Please tell us about yourself and what you do?

I act most of the time in front of the camera, and the rest of the time live in front of people. Life is a stage and I love entertaining; it’s my spirit. If I’m able to do it in front of a camera and get paid for it, that’s heaven! If not, just let me entertain you. Let me make you smile. Let me do a few tricks, some old and then some new tricks. I’m very versatile.

 Can you tell us a bit about any upcoming projects that you are working on?

I just booked a series regular role on a new show called, “Pick n Roll,” currently to be broadcast on Direct TV but “who knows,” where we might end up. I will be playing Melissa, a super driven, ambitious, cheerleading captain assistant who will do anything to get to the next level in her career.

Do you find the pressures of being a performer / artist significant with regard to feeling the need to have a “perfect” body?  If so, how do you navigate through that terrain? How do you “not” judge yourself when others (critics, audience members, etc.) “judge” you based on outward measures? 

I am….picolina “Short”

I am….not too skinny

I am….not too booby

I have…a booty

All the wrong things for being a leading role sexy actress, at least that’s what I think and fear when I look at myself in the mirror and yet everyday I am proven wrong by Casting Directors, producers, directors, industry people and non industry people but most importantly by myself because I practice telling myself in the mirror, “I am perfect, whole and complete, just the way I am.”

Who were the role models in your life?

Sophia Loren, for being an example of beauty and teaching women to be proud of their looks and to age gracefully.

Maya Angelou for her words being an inspiration and for her ability to empower women, men, and children of all shapes, sizes and races to rise above whatever opposition they face. She is one “Phenomenal Woman”

Lucille Ball for being the Queen of Comedy. The power of laughter is healing and she heals me. She experienced the majority of her success after she turned 40 and that is inspiring!

And more importantly, the person who I fought with when I young tooth and nail for every little thing, that I was told to do and now, when I look at her, I see her joy, I see her positivity, I see she loves unconditionally. I see the color of her spirit very much like my color. My mom.

What do you define as beautiful?

Beautiful is shadows on a mountain being cast by the setting sun.

Beautiful is a plate of homemade pasta with tomato sauce cooked with Love.

Beauty is looking into my eyes after washing my face in the morning and looking into the mirror and seeing my strength and my belief in me.

How do you define inner beauty?

Inner beauty is to love yourself. What happens on the inside shows on the outside.

What is happiness?

Happiness is a choice, and to make the right choice is the difficult part. It will always be easier to be unhappy, it will always be harder to be happy because it requires the realization that you are beautiful inside and outside. It is a breath away.

Would you be willing to take the Real Deal pledge?  Thoughts about that?

I’m in! There is no other way to be than to be “unapologetically myself”

How do you manage your stress levels in daily life?  Do you use music / art / dance, etc. as a coping tool?  Are there other things that you do to live mindfully?

So many things bring me pure joy, like being around positive like minded people, prayer, meditation, going on a hike, working out at the gym because it raises my endorphins, or in a sweaty yoga class feeling my sense of oneness. Serving others, like feeding the homeless or singing to the children in hospitals, keeps me living mindfully. Happiness is a state of mind. I can achieve that feeling by just listening to some joyful music, or dancing around my house.

How do you find a work-life balance — as a woman, a mom, a professional — what are keys to balance?

Taking care of myself, going to the gym, going to my spiritual center, having prayer calls, meditation, walks on the beach, surrounding myself with positive inspiring people.

 Other thoughts / reflections?

What I wrote is a poem that can apply to many. It is for everyone who chooses to see a door to open and walk into freedom



I knew I was beautiful when I knew I was enough, and felt complete unconditional love from another.

I grew up with an eating disorder that only got worse as I got older and became more critical of myself and went through more changes, physically and emotionally.

It wasn’t until I was rushed to the hospital one night, from throwing up so much and sitting next to me in a hospital bed was a man who loved me no matter what and told me he would always be by my side.

He gave up tickets to a concert that evening to sit with me and make sure I was okay. I gave up a lot more that night. I gave up the need to purge out all the ugliness, all the self doubt, all the lack, all the disgust and remember who I am and how beautiful I really am.


I’ve been blessed to work a lot as an actress, model and singer, and one of my recent rewards, was being accepted into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

I’m extremely proud of every network and cable show I’ve been on, every imdb credit, every role I played, all the talented stars I get to play with, but something you should know about me is I really strive to be a humanitarian who can leverage my career success to bring more awareness about children in need and empowering people to take care of themselves and love unconditionally.

What always brings me joy is looking at the picture of the 3 year old boy I sponsor in Vietnam through the Mulligan Project.

Please take a look at an online auction I am apart of to build more mental fitness in all youth.  mentalfitness is a near and dear cause to me (and is the nonprofit responsible for bringing cool programs to schools like this award-winning #RealDeal site).

You can keep up with Christina online by following her on her social media links:





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