Monday, January 25, 2021

A Love Letter to My Daughter

IMG_2138Dearest. As I fed you at 4 o’clock this morning I admired your beautiful face: the curve of your check, the peacefulness of your gently closed perfect eyelids with their fan of lashes, the ski slope curve of your up-turned nose. You are everything you need to be.

You are beautiful, not because society says so but because you are a miracle and you are valuable. There is no inconvenience in these early morning meetings we have because you are getting your needs met and that is a good thing.

I want you to always have a voice.

Dearest, the world may tell you someday that your beauty is conditional on conformity- do not forget that your beauty is inherent. Our culture will say your voice is too much and that your energy is better spent meeting the needs of others.

This may cause you to try to never inconvenience others. Do not forget that you are just as important as anyone else and that your first responsibility is to yourself and then to give to others from a place of fullness.

My dearest daughter, I pray that you can see yourself how I see you. I imagine what your life would be like if you knew that you were enough, just as you are. You are loved and lovable, you are wholly and utterly worthy.

My daughter, I promise to remind you of these truths and to do the hard work of changing the way I see myself so that you can learn by watching me know that I am loved, lovable, and wholly and utterly worthy.

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