Friday, January 22, 2021

What Is Mental Fitness?

Mental Fitness is a prevention concept.
Mental Fitness is as important — if not more important — than physical fitness.
Mental Fitness means gathering together existing evidence-based programs so that teachers around the world have access!
Mental Fitness means promoting the 7 shared protective categories that exist between eating disorders, weight-related concerns, addictions and mental health issues.
Mental Fitness means building resilience.
Mental Fitness can only happen through collaborating: with schools, researchers, professionals and companies.

Our shared goal is to build mental fitness in all youth.

Get involved.

What is Mental Fitness


One Response to “What Is Mental Fitness?”
  1. What a nice infographic Robyn. Simple but it says it all. Mental fitness is so important. Physical fitness just follows when a person is mentally fit. With so many issues surrounding us today and especially the more vulnerable youth, it is so important for all those responsible, to get together in promoting mental fitness.

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