Sunday, January 17, 2021

Rebel Your Way Out of Misery. Here’s How

Adversity may be inevitable but misery is optional. This goes along with the saying:

“Adversity is a great teacher.”  

You may not learn much from misery. But the burden of misery can become more than you can or are willing to be.  Then you rebel.

I often think that moving into healing actions including psychotherapy is a form of rebellion. If you are miserable then, to improve your condition you have to rebel against the inner and outer forces that create and sustain that condition.

What are those forces? They can include:

  • mental or physical wounds
  • mental distortion
  • pressure from others
  • belief system,
  • political or economic or social situation
  • internal goals 
  • expectations and more.

Thorough self examination is necessary to discover what maintains your misery. Once you know what holds you down you are more free to find your way to freedom.

Yes, this can relate to:

  • addiction
  • body image
  • anorexia
  • bulimia
  • binge eating
  • exercise
  • family
  • school
  • work conditions
  • negative self talk
  • fear
  • bullying
  • obesity
  • self esteem
  • money
  • sleeplessness
  • mental illness
  • physical illness
  • loneliness
  • sex

Find the issues that relate to you and journal about these questions. You have more wisdom and strength than you know.

  1. What holds you back?
  2. What contributes to your misery?
  3. How can you develop the courage to rebel and find your freedom?

Misery can engulf you and prevent you from recognizing the power you have to better your life. Exploring your misery shows you your way (or ways) out of gloom and into the light.

Joanna Poppink, MFT

Los Angeles psychotherapist

author of Healing Your Hungry Heart: recovering from your eating disorder


2 Responses to “Rebel Your Way Out of Misery. Here’s How”
  1. Misery is only present when we want it to be present. We can make the decision to have it out of our system whenever we want to. We just have to be courageous and try to find the solution to what’s holding us back.

    And finding the solution to it means: to find out what is wrong, so we can change it.

  2. Great reply. I absolutely agree that one is miserable only when one chooses to be so. No external force can be blamed for our misery. It’s a choice we make for ourselves. Similarly being brave enough to confront the cause of the misery and be able to make changes to get rid of it, is also a choice that we have to make ourselves.

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