Friday, February 26, 2021

The Truth About Your Body: It’s Beautiful!

Young children know something that many of us have forgotten at some point along the way. We may even have decided that this truth that many children know without a doubt, is false. As children we know that our mothers are beautiful, in fact we are certain that they are the MOST beautiful women in the world! We don’t’ analyze and body check them, we don’t objectify them by focusing on isolated body parts and comparing them to standards that are digitally created. We just know that they are perfect.



I recently read a post by a Kiwi (New Zealand) blogger about how mothers often pass on body hatred to their daughters, quite unintentionally. She described being seven years old when she was confronted with a new truth; her mother was not the beautiful goddess she knew her to be. Her mother said to her: ”Look at you, so thin, beautiful and lovely. And look at me, fat, ugly and horrible.” Until that moment her both she and her mother were beautiful, after that moment the reality that as women we can never truly be good enough began to set in and paved the way for her own body hatred as she grew.

This story reminds me of the important role we play in each others lives as role models of body acceptance and body love, and even as bearers of truth. Everyone is beautiful; complex, flawed, unique and beautiful. Mothers, friends, sisters, daughters are all worthy and valuable simply for being. When we denigrate ourselves in front of one another we propagate the lie that none of us are good enough, and we communicate to the women we love that they are not good enough either. IMG_0945Recently, my 6-week-old daughter and I had a play date with a dear friend and her 5-month-old daughter. My friend told me “I’ve been thinking a lot about your work and the things you say, and I’ve been making a real effort not to say anything bad about myself in front of my daughter, and I am making my Mom do the same!” I was so grateful for the reminder by my friend of how important it is to gift each other as women, with role modeling and pass down the inheritance of the TRUE truth… that we are all the most beautiful women in the world!


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